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Welcome to AR Belfast Story

The East Belfast A/R Story project has been led and coordinated by East Belfast Enterprise, with technical support and content creation provided by Creative Conspiracy and a range of community partners and businesses within East Belfast. This project, now running 3 years, was only made possible with funding support provided by Urban Villages via the T:BUC initiative.

The ambition for this project and beyond, is to help garner interest and education in the Social, Cultural and Military past for the East of the City, as a range of stakeholders and partners get to tell ‘our story’ (a play on words with A/R).

This project is being delivered using new technologies such as 360 video and Augmented Reality (A/R), with a visitor experience designed for both on-site tourists and off-site tourists i.e. those at a distance and not present on location.

We hope you enjoy exploring what we have produced!

Whats it all about?

About the Team

East Belfast Enterprise, a Charity and Social Enterprise, are the Local Enterprise Agency for the area whose mission is to “To inspire and nurture entrepreneurs to make a positive difference in East Belfast” They deliver on this mission via a range of business support initiatives, such as this project, to enable current and future entrepreneurs and social enterprises in the area. They also provide workspace across two sites via co-working, serviced offices and industrial workshops.

Creative Conspiracy a local company based close to the area and who have a passion for all things technology driven have come on board to help provide the output of the vision of the local community.

Furthermore, the project would not have gotten to this stage without the support of the East Belfast community who helped develop and contribute to the content within the portal. Thanks go to our partners including Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, Ballymac Friendship Centre, Short Strand Community Centre, Eastside Visitor Centre, Andy Tyrie Interpretive Centre and local tour guide Laura Spence.

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Are you off location?

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AR Partners


This programme is funded by the Urban Villages Initiative which is a headline action with the
Executive Office’s Together Building a United Community (TBUC) Strategy.

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